The Alka Prime™ Ionizer is a quality 9 plate water ionizer that is made in South Korea with a price point that is not much more than the questionable ionizers made in Taiwan or China.  It has many of the great features of top-end 9 plate water ionizers, but makes a few reasonable compromises to justify its entry-level price. The Alka Prime™ gets decent pH and good –ORP readings thanks to its 9 plates and 229 watt power supply. Alka Prime™  is new in the water ionizer market, but its ionizers are made by a well-established factory with tested and true technology, so we feel this brand is trustworthy.

The Alka Prime™  comes with flat plates or optional MESH plates, which we recommend. Alka Prime™  is also one of only two ionizer makers that offer UV Light disinfection technology. You also get a custom pre-filter that is configured by Alka Prime™  that ensures that contaminants particular to your local water supply are safely filtered!