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Below are the Top 4 Under Counter Ionizers compared side-by-side for your convenience.

Top 4 Under Counter Ionizers compared AlkaPrime S-9U

AlkaPrime S-9U

Top 4 Under Counter Ionizers compared Enagic® SD501

Enagic® SD501

Top 4 Under Counter Ionizers compared Jupiter Delphi™

Jupiter Delphi™

Top 4 Under Counter Ionizers compared LIFE™ M-9U

2014 Life Next Generation M9

Rating 1-10

Good model but warranty
is limited.

Older technologies &
over-priced. Medium power & large plates.

Five Plates old technology.
Low power.

Tested the highest of
all models.

ORP/Antioxidant Potential & Alkaline/pH

High antioxidant potential (-ORP) and a high level of mineral hydrates (alkaline minerals) are what to look for when using an ionizer for health reasons. Look for an ionizer that produces a high negative ORP and then consume the water at the 9.0 to 9.5 alkaline level and you will receive the benefits of the higher antioxidant potential at a drinkable pH level.

pH Levels
4.0 – 11.0
4.5 - 11*
4.2 - 10.3
2.0 to 11.5 without chemicals
Hard Water Adjustment

Yes, programmable

Yes, programmable

No adjustments possible

Yes, programmable
ORP Ratings

Warranty Information

Look for a lifetime warranty on parts and if you can, on the labor as well. Some companies have a limited lifetime warranty which is actually five years on parts and labor or lifetime on parts and then a big labor charge after the limited time for labor. Look for a company that has been around for 10 years or more to make sure they will be around to cover your warranty.

Limited Lifetime warranty on parts plus 10 years labor
5 Years parts & labor
Limited warranty covers
all ionizer parts (not accessories) and labor costs in the first 5 years. Also requires a 20% restock fee and 14 days to return unit.
Lifetime warranty on parts & labor
Trial Period
60 days - 15% fee
7-30 days - $800 fee
60 days - 15% fee
14 days - 20% restocking fee

Interior Filters & Pre-filtration Systems

Purification is one of the most important functions of a water ionizer . So look for a system with the most interior filters and best if they come with a pre-filter or pre-filter system.

Filtration System
2 Internal, 9 stages,
with free pre-filter
1 internal, 3 stages
with no pre-filter
2 Internal, 9 stages
2 Internal, 9 stages,
with free pre-filter system
Vitamin C Ceramic Block® Filtration Chlorine/ Chloramine Reduction

Yes, standard feature

Platinum and Titanium Plate Information

Look for a high powered machine with large plates. GRID and MESH are the best type of plates as they produce better results.

Number of Plates
Grid, Mesh or Flat Plate Options
flat or MESH option
no MESH option
flat or GRID option
Size of plate surface

Power System Information

Ionizers that use an SMPS power system are best as they last longer, have a better warranty and maximize the optimization of your water. Stay away from
machines use the old-fashioned transformer

Power Supply
SMPS (Switch Mode
Power System)
(Switch Mode Power System)
229 Watts
230 Watts
150 Watts
500 Watts

Optional Features

Some of the technologically advanced companies have some useful options

UV Light Disinfection

Yes, optional
Energy Technologies (EFT & Laser)


Distributor Information

Look for a distributor who is also a manufacturer if you can. The longer they have been around, the better for you as they will be supplying your warranty service and replacement filters. Distributors who deal in systems from South Korea or Japan are the best. Stay away from ionizers from China, Taiwan or Malaysia.

How Long Distributor in U.S.?
Since 2012
Since 2004
Since 2007
Since 1996
Country of origin design/ manufacture

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Note: all specifications and information has been resourced from manufacturer's websites
and other marketing materials. If any inconsistencies are noticed, please contact us.

*Wider pH range is available with use of chemicals

Ionizer Features Explained

Number of Plates

Total number of plates in the ionization chamber, GRID or MESH plates are more efficient than ordinary plates.

Power Supply

SMPS (Switched Mode Power Supply): An energy saving feature that allows higher power levels. Transformers are generally considered to be obsolete.


Multiple filters with multiple stages allow for more efficient filtration.

Trial Period*

Enagic® only allows 3 days with a full refund, up to 30 days with an $800 restocking fee. Most others are 60 days with a 15% restocking and processing fee.

pH Level*

Measures alkalinity, SD-501 requires chemical additives to reach its full pH range. Life Ionizers™ uses a safe, all natural citric acid supplement.

Hard Water Adjustment

Hard water can affect the quality of the water an ionizer produces. Adjustment allows you to get the best performance possible.

ORP Levels

ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) measures the antioxidant potential of alkaline water. ORP performance dependent on tap water quality

UV Light Disinfection

Used to kill bacteria, cysts, and viruses. Makes water safer.

Vitamin C Ceramic Block® Filtration

Filtration that uses vitamin C in a ceramic matrix, the only filtration technology that is effective against chlorine and chloramines.


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