Life Ionizer Next Generation M9 UC

Alkaline Water Ionizer Reviews™ was able to procure this ionizer to test and review.  We have tested many models of ionizers and were impressed by the design; the easy to use controls; the functions; and the specifications.  The machine functioned very well when tested with 7.6 pH tap water and provided the test results mentioned in the Specifications table.  Some of the descriptions were taken from the manual and the manufacturer’s website.  Overall we give this machine a top grade for a high-end 9 plate model.  We were especially impressed with the power, the size of the plates and the pH and ORP (antioxidant potentials) that this machine generated.

Next Generation Technology –
More Antioxidant Potential

Editor’s note: The information below comes from the Manufacturer’s website and our review of the machines verifies the information.

The NEW 2014 Next Generation Life Ionizer M-9 UC is a completely new ionizer that replaces Lifes popular 9200 model. The Life M-9 has much larger plates, and an improved power supply that allows it to make alkaline water with much higher antioxidant potential. The New 2016 M9 Series has the New 2016 Heavy-Duty GRID Plate Technology™ with MAX Plate: 8 layers of Platinum over Industrial Titanium.

FACT: The Life M-9 has higher total plate surface area than the Enagic SD-501!

Benefit to you: Thanks to efficiently designed chambers and 9 large Platinum/Titanium plates the M9 provides the highest ORP at a drinkable alkaline level of any ionizer on the market today.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee*

Dual internal filtration with Free water report and customized pre-filter system to provide the purest healthiest water using Life exclusive Vitamin C Ceramic Block® Filter Technology (patent pending) to address chlorine and chloramines!

Life Ionizers™ is the only company with Optional UV Light Technology® to protect you from bacteria viruses, cysts & more!  (Editor’s note: we did find one other brand that has this option although it is made by the same manufacturer)

Life’s SMPS MAX Power® System has 500 watts of power to create great alkaline mineral hydrate water with high antioxidant potential.  Allows Life Ionizers to offer a Lifetime Warranty on all parts and labor! (Editor’s note: we tested this machine and it registered over 500 watts at level 4)

Benefit of Max Power® – Life Ionizers™ makes the only water ionizers that can convert from countertop to under counter systems with their optional stainless steel faucet. (Editor’s note: this was verified as correct and we believe it is a great option)

Why the New 2014 M-9 is the best water ionizer on the market

You get more optimized levels of alkaline mineral hydrate water with stronger antioxidant potential!

Health Benefit: You need these antioxidant alkaline minerals every day for better health

Life’s top-of-the-range M9 once again sets the standard in quality and performance. LIFE exclusive advanced features and technology guarantee your M9 will supply you with years of the highest quality ionized alkaline mineral water.


Plus, Peace of Mind 60 Day Money Back Guarantee*. FREE shipping and over $539 in Free Bonuses!

Editor’s note: The information above comes from the Manufacturer’s website and our review of the machines verifies the information.

* See website for full details

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