Life Ionizer Next Generation M11 Under Counter

Healthy Optimized Water: The New 2016 M11 Series with the New 2016 Heavy-Duty GRID Plate Technology™ with MAX Plate: 8 layers of Platinum over Industrial Titanium.  These types of plates are designed with the “Faraday Effect” in mind to provide more linear edges/surface for the electromagnetism to restructure the water and increase the pH, negative ORP and alkaline mineral hydrate levels.

For optimized performance these Large plates need a Big power source.  The unit we tested was set at over 500 watts and we were able to increase that up to 800 by adjusting the power system.  This was more than enough to reach over 11 pH and -800 ORP.  This was with our water source and adjustments to the system for peak performance, so your results may vary.  The unit came with two internal filters (9 stages) as well as a pre-filter system for scale and heavy metals.  Life Ionizers used our location to pull a water report and analyze it to supply this custom system.  The Life M11 is designed for people who are serious about their health and want high quality, healthy water.  The M9 was previously our favorite model but this one is a definite improvement.  This model was equipped with the Laser Light Technology for ultimate water optimization.