Jupiter Delphi

There are several true under counter ionizers now on the market. It is solidly built and has proven to be a reliable ionizer over the years. However, it’s lack of power and plates are a drawback.

It is important to remember that the strength of ionization is dependent on a ratio between the amount of power and power type, plate size (amount of time the water spends on the plates) and flow rate. So with only 5 plates and 105 watts that is ultimately what led to only a 3.5 star rating. The Delphi does have a strong company backing though so unlike some of the other under counter machines that have popped up in the last few years, you know you are purchasing from a proven company that will back your warranty.

Stay away from some of the newer machines that may be made in Taiwan or China as well as any goose neck adapter kits that some companies offer as they do not have the controls built into the faucet. The faucet on the Delphi has a very nice look to it, however, we feel the unit is over priced at $2,650 for the features it contains.