IonCares 9000

Ioncares ionizers generate alkaline water, acidic water and purified water. Using an electrolysis process, tap water is put through a purification filter to remove harmful substances. Ioncares ionizers create nine types of water in total – four stages of alkali water, four stages of acidic water and purified water.

The IonCares line of water ionizers are a good value for the money but they have made compromises to offer lower prices. IonCares is a worthy contender for budget-conscious consumers but we feel that this machine could be better if had more power.


Pros: The IonCares 9000 is a compact-size machine with modern technology. It has a decent amount of power, and MESH plates are standard. This machine’s power and plates enable it to reach good pH and ORP levels.


Cons: This machine could use more power, we usually see 9 plate machines withy 350 Watts or more, which enables them to make alkaline water with lots more antioxidant potential. The 5 year warranty is short for machines in this price point.