Benefits of Acidic Water

As it has been said, acidic water is not for drinking, but actually has numerous useful applications for your body and around the house. Water ionizers that use the process of electrodialysis produce acidic water which is usually discarded down the drain.

Save this acidic water and put it to use!

The first use is skin and hair care, the acidic properties of the water work as a natural astringent (which is the chemical compound in almost every topical medication) and helps to tighten and cleanse the skin. This works to relieve dry or itchy skin on things like rashes, insect bites, poison oak/ivy, and more. It also assists with dry scalp, and helps if you suffer from dandruff. Acidic water also acts as an antiseptic, meaning it can be applied to abrasions or cuts to promote the healing process.

It is recommended you clean almost all fruits and vegetables before consumption as they can carry numerous pesticides and harmful bacteria. Acidic water is great for this, as it helps break down the structure of these bacteria and kill them more effectively than tap water. If you have a home garden, acidic water can also be used to water any types of plants, promoting growth and reducing harmful fungi and growth.

Try This:

Separate a dozen roses into two groups of six, making sure to cut them at the bottom of each stem. Place 6 of the roses in one vase with acidic water, and the other 6 into a vase with regular tap water, leave them untouched and see how much longer the acidic roses last!

This is mainly attributed to the low pH of the water, but another determining factor is the ORP.

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