Water Ionizers Review | LIFE Ionizers vs. Jupiter

LIFE Ionizers and Jupiter/Ionways/Alkaviva are two of the most popular brands of water ionizer today, and both companies have been in the market for a long time. But there are big differences between the two. LIFE Ionizers has the largest line of water ionizers, from their popular alkaline filter pitcher, The Pitcher of LIFE all the way up to industrial water ionizers that crank out 500 gallons of ionized water per hour! Jupiter is still making the same ionizers they made when the company first started, and the company has changed hands a few times.

Alkaline Water pH and –ORP Compared

Image of LIFE Ionizers M series

Highest flow rate, and best alkaline water, the M-Series is LIFE’s best ever

A water ionizer needs to make alkaline water with a high pH and low negative –ORP to neutralize body acidity and fight free radicals. To do this, a water ionizer needs high quality plates, and lots of power.

LIFE Ionizers just came out with their all-new M-series, and these Ionizers are the most powerful machines we’ve ever seen! LIFE’s plates are very high quality; they have a 300% thicker coating of platinum than Jupiter does.

Jupiter hasn’t updated their ionizers in a long time. Because of this, Jupiter ionizers lag behind other ionizers in pH and –ORP performance. Another shortcoming of Jupiter is that the coating of platinum on their machine’s plates is very thin, so they can’t put much power to them.

Water Ionizers  Flow Rate

LIFE’s new M-series has one of the highest flow rates we’ve ever seen; we were able to fill a gallon jug in less than a minute! What was amazing is that the machine did that with no reduction in pH and –ORP performance. If you don’t want to wait for your alkaline water, get a LIFE Ionizers M-Series.

The Jupiter ionizer took just under 4 minutes to fill our gallon bottle. If we tried to push the Jupiter ionizer for higher flow rate, it’s pH and –ORP performance dropped off. The Jupiter machine has not kept up with the technological advancements that have improved water ionizer performance over the years.

The Best Water Ionizers – LIFE Ionizers

We are very impressed with the new LIFE M-Series, LIFE Ionizers has invested a lot of new technologies in these machines, and it shows. For the money, the best water ionizers we’ve ever reviewed are the LIFE Ionizers M series. We recommend these machines, because everything else comes in a distant second place.

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