Enagic’s® LeveLuk Jr II® a Big Disappointment

Enagic® has released a new, smaller edition of its LeveLuk® series water ionizers, and our disappointment couldn’t be greater. Enagic® states that due to a weak power supply and a mere three plates, their new machine is not “robust’, it is intended only for “singles or couples’.

Weak Kangen Water

The LeveLuk Jr produces some of the weakest alkaline water we have ever seen. The LeveLuk Jr can only reach a pH of 9.5, and that requires the use of chemical additives. Without chemicals, Enagic’s® junior model may only reach a pH of 8.5. What the Leveuk Jr lacks in pH, it doesn’t make up for in -ORP, with chemicals, the Enagic® may reach as high as -625, but without chemicals -ORP falls to closer to – 375.

Inadequate, Outdated Technology

The junior LeveLuk relies on the same outdated technology that the rest of the LeveLuk line does. Enagic® is asking $2380 for the junior LeveLuk, and it is not worth it:

  • Only 3 Plates!
  • Weak Power Supply (120W)
  • Single Filter
  • Only 3 Year Warranty

Why this Machine is not worth it:

Enagic® is asking for a mid range price on an ionizer that cannot even be considered entry level. The least expensive ionizers on the market today have at least five plates, the junior LeveLuk has only three plates. Fewer plates in this machine, compounded by a paltry 120W transformer-based power supply to produce the weakest water we have ever seen from an ionizer that costs as much as the junior does. Enagic® just didn’t try very hard with this machine; the junior LeveLuk has only a three year warranty.

Jupiter Athena vs. Enagic® LeveLuk Jr II and Life vs. Alkafresh

Compared to the similarly priced Life M7, the flaws and shortcomings of the LeveLuk Jr really stand out:

Jupiter Athena Enagic®
LeveLuk Jr II
$2195 (Introductory Price) $2380
5 Plates 3 Plates
80 Watt Transformer 120 Watt Transformer
5 to 11 pH range 4.5 to 9.5 pH range
Multiple internal filters Single internal filter
Up to -410 ORP Only -375,-625 ORP Max with chemicals
Lifetime warranty parts/labor 5 years 3 Year warranty
Life M7 Alka Fresh
$1997 (Introductory Price) $1497
7 Plates 5 Plates
450 Watts MAX Yield SMPS Power Supply ® 249 Watt SMPS Power Supply
2.5 to 11.0 pH range 5.0 to 10.0 pH range
Dual Internal Filters + Pre-filter System Single internal filter
Up to -700 ORP Up to -550
Lifetime warranty parts/10 Years labor 7 Years parts/labor