Best and worst Alkaline Water Machines for Health

If you are seeking to improve your health, you need to make sure the alkaline water machine you get can deliver clean, purified water. The best alkaline water machines protect you from toxins such as chlorine and heavy metals. Poorly designed systems can allow these toxins through.

best water ionizer for health infographic

The Kangen machine did the worst in our review because it is the most expensive, and offers a lot less than its competitors

For health purposes you need a water ionizer powerful enough to deliver alkaline water for cleansing and pH balance.  A machine that is too weak won’t be able to deliver all of the health potential that can come from drinking alkaline water. Below are the best and worst alkaline water systems for making healthy alkaline water.

Alkaline Water Ionizers Filtration

BEST – LIFE Ionizers is the industry leader in alkaline water machine filtration. LIFE uses the most advanced chlorine reduction technology available, Vitamin C Ceramic Block, to achieve laboratory-grade water purity. LIFE Ionizers also offers the best protection against heavy metals, every LIFE system comes with a custom pre-filter designed to target any heavy metals found in your water.

Average – Jupiter and Alkazone both work well for filtering chlorine, but their performance varies for metals. Both of these systems could benefit from a pre-filter system, which you would have to purchase.

WORST – Enagic has the worst filtration of all water ionizers made. The Leveluk only has one filter, and it doesn’t filter heavy metals or salt. People on low sodium diets may want to avoid Enagic for that reason.

Best Alkaline Water for pH Balance

The best water ionizers for making alkaline water to improve your pH balance have lots of power. Powerful machines can make alkaline water with a higher pH than average systems. High pH alkaline water is needed when you may need to counter an acidic body, such as if you have acid reflux, or are an athlete who wants to alkalize their body before working out.

BEST – LIFE Ionizers pack the most power, and the plates in their systems are guaranteed for life. In our testing, the LIFE 9200 was able to make alkaline water with a pH of greater than 11. When you need to alkalize, that much power makes a difference!

Average – Enagic and Jupiter can both make alkaline water with a ph of greater than 10. Both of these machines would benefit from more power, but they have enough for most purposes.

Worst – The Alkazone system is underpowered. In some cases, these machines won’t even be able to reach a pH of 9.5, which is best for daily drinking. We don’t recommend the Alkazone system for this reason.

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