Alkaline Water Refilling Stations

Alkaline Water Stores

One of 1000’s of water stores in the USA

The Japanese, Koreans and many other Asian countries have been generating and drinking ionized alkaline mineral water for many decades. They enjoy great health benefits so much so that these countries FDA Departments officially certify the alkaline mineral water ionizers that make this healthy water.

Why is alkaline mineral water so popular?

There are many studies and articles about how people who drink this water have addressed all types of health conditions and become healthier. With this in mind you can understand how this type of water is becoming more popular and in high demand.

Top selling product in health stores is alkaline mineral water!

Health Food Store’s top selling product is bottled water and the top selling brand is one that is an alkaline mineral water. This sells for about $2 a liter, which would make it about $8 a gallon.

People want their drinking water to be contaminant free

All around the USA, Canada, Mexico and many other countries we are seeing the rapid establishment of stores that sell purified water to consumers. As you may know there are daily stories in newspapers, television and the Internet on the many contaminants and toxins in water. This is driving the demand for purified water.

Owning your own ionizer means better, healthier water and savings!

With the advent of machines that make healthy alkaline mineral ionized water there has been a lot of interest from consumers about this water. The good quality Korean and Japanese machines go from $1500 to $4000 and the consumer can make the ionized alkaline water right in their home. Many people want to try the water first before they invest in a machine of their own or they buy the ionized alkaline mineral water from the store for a substantial savings in place of buying the alkaline water at the health food store.

Water stores are adding alkaline mineral water for their customers

These alkaline water stores typically carry reversed osmosis or distilled water as well. These two types of water tend to be acidic, and even though the water is pure, it is detrimental to one’s health. That is why many of them are now adding alkaline mineral
water to their choices and they are finding out that is what consumers want.

Consider buying your own alkaline mineral water ionizer

Look around your community for one of these water stores or, better yet, buy your own alkaline mineral water ionizer so that the water you are generating is fresh and full of alkaline mineral hydrates and has a high ORP (oxygen reduction potential). The fresher the water, the more health benefits!