5 Facts about Kangen Water Enagic won’t tell you

Enagic’s Multi-Level Marketers would like you to believe in magic, at least that’s the impression I get when I read all of the magical claims they make about the Kangen Water machine. Many of the claims made about the Kangen machine is pseudoscience: Fake science made to look like real science. The big question is: Why do they make such claims? There’s plenty of real evidence for the beneficial effects of drinking alkaline water, so there’s no need to make stuff up about it.


Kangen Water – An expensive brand name for alkaline water

Pseudoscientific health claims actually hurt Enagic and other water ionizer companies by fueling skeptical denialism. What Enagic may be hiding from is this: The Kangen Water machine makes alkaline water the same way all  other ionizers do, a process called two-chamber membrane electrodialysis, and Enagic can’t justify the high price of their system unless they make it appear somehow different, but it’s not. As proof, here are 5 widely-debunked claims that are still made by Enagic’s multi-level marketers.

1. Kangen Water is not better than alkaline ionized water

This is one of two of the most persistent Kangen Water myths, and it’s just not true. The Kangen machine makes alkaline water the same way all other water ionizers do: By running water over charged plates that are separated by a membrane. This process separates tap water into alkaline water and acid water by separating the alkaline elements from the acidic elements in tap water.

What Enagic doesn’t want to tell you: There are many brands of water ionizer that make better alkaline ionized water than Kangen water. You can get a lot more antioxidant benefits, and acid-fighting alkalinity from water ionizers that cost a lot less!

2. The Kangen Water Machine’s Filter doesn’t Protects you from toxins

Not if your tap water contains heavy metals or salt. On Enagic’s website, buried under the tab titled “specifications” it says: “Elements not removable – Metallic ions and/or salinity present in the original tap water.”  In fact, Enagic doesn’t check your local water quality before you buy a machine. That means that, if there is heavy metals or salt in your water, Enagic won’t even tell you!

What Enagic Doesn’t Want you to know: If your tap water has heavy metals or salt in it, then your Kangen Water will contain heavy metals and salt!

3. Multi-Level Marketing makes the Kangen Water machine more expensive

‘All of the magical claims you hear about Kangen Water are meant to distract you from discovering the ugly truth about the Kangen machine: It is sold through Multi-Level marketing, a pyramid-like marketing system that makes products more expensive because it pays out multiple sales commissions every time a product is sold.

What Enagic is trying to hide: Eight people get paid every time a Kangen Water ,machine is sold. The Multi-level marketing system used by Enagic makes the Kangen water machine nearly twice as expensive as similar models sold through conventional means

4. You can’t get the price of your Kangen Machine back by referring friends to Enagic

If you agree to try and sell your friends and family Kangen machines, you can earn back the price you paid for your Kangen machine.

The part Enagic doesn’t tell you: The success rate in multi-level sales is about 1%, this means that on average only one person out of 100 is actually going to make enough money selling Kangen machines to get their money back, or make a profit. Worse yet, you’re likely to lose friends and probably upset your family if you suddenly start trying to push them to buy a machine! People don’t generally like it when somebody goes “hard sales” on them.

5 Hard water voids the warranty on a Kangen machine

If you use a Kangen machine with hard water, it will void your warranty, and it’s easier to mess up a kangen water machine with hard water deposits than it is other ionizers. If you foul a Kangen machine with hard water, it will cost you about $800 to repair it. Plus, you have to manually clean a Kangen machine every six weeks. It’s an 8-step process that involves disassembling your ionizer and adding chemicals to it.

What Enagic hopes you don’t find out: The Kangen machine is obsolete. Ionizers with newer technologies use sophisticated cleaning technologies to enable them to work with hard water. One brand, LIFE Ionizers, gives you customized scale-block filtration to enable your water ionizer does work with hard water. If you have hard water, we highly recommend LIFE Ionizers because they are the only company that offers custom scale-block filtration to address hard water.


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