20% of homes in Japan own an Alkalline Mineral Water Ionizer

20% of homes in Japan own an Alkaline Mineral Water Ionizer

As many of you know, most Asians seem to look younger than their actual age. Why is that?

Anti-aging benefits of alkaline mineral ionized water

Some say it’s their alkaline diet, including many sea vegetables. Some say it’s the fact that so many are aware of the anti-aging benefits of healthy ionized alkaline mineral water.
Many of the scientific studies about the health benefits of ionized alkaline water come from Japan as well as South Korea and other Asian countries. There are studies on how alkaline water keeps bone density higher, especially as people age. There is research that shows a multitude of health benefits from aiding digestive issues to stopping and reversing malignant cell growth.

Water ionizers are certified as medical devices

The Japanese Food and Drug Administration has actually certified water ionizers as medical devices. A whopping 1 out of 5 people in Japan own an alkaline mineral water ionizer. There are many brands there including the Kangen® water ionizer from a company called Enagic®. This is a very popular model marketed in Japan and worldwide by a multi-level marketing (MLM) company. Because of the very high price of these Kangen® water ionizers, other ionizer companies are now selling in Japan.

What is the difference between a Kangen® ionizer and other brands?

I did a lot of research to determine why the Kangen® ionizers were so expensive compared to some other top brands from Korea and elsewhere. When listening to the Kangen® sales representatives, they made it sound like only their machines made this healthy alkaline mineral water. The fact of the matter is that many other machines make this type of water and a few even make better water than the MLM ionizer. Why is this? Well it turns out that the primary mission of the Enagic® Corporation is to set up a pyramid marketing company and keep new sellers coming on board. That’s their primary mission! So that is why they have the relatively same water ionizer now as they did 8 years ago. Many of the other water ionizer companies sole business is developing new technologies to increase the efficiency of the alkaline water ionizer. This means better power systems, more advanced plates and longer warranties, as well as other technological advancements.

Look for other brands that are more technologically advanced and half the cost

With this in mind, I suggest you look around as some of the other top companies that are superior systems and with much lower prices. The systems coming out of South Korea tend to be the best ones. They are about half the price of the Kangen® but more than the ones from China and Taiwan (these countries tend to use cheaper materials and have problems with lead contamination). We suggest you buy a WQA lead-free Certified ionizer from South Korea or Japan when possible, as these are the highest quality machines.