Life Ionizer Reviews from Real People

Search the internet for Life Ionizer reviews, and you’ll find many websites that claim to be Life Ionizer reviews, only to find that their “review” has little or nothing to do with Life Ionizers!

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Why are there so many fake Life Ionizer reviews all of a sudden? A few months we found out that companies impersonating Life Ionizers were hoping to dupe consumers into purchasing low quality water ionizer products at a high price. One of these competitors began using dirty tactics to defame Life ionizer by spreading fake reviews of LIFE products online. To help clear the air, we are listing sites where you will find actual Life water ionizer reviews from real people.

Amazon LIFE Ionizer reviews

Amazon is a well-known site that majority of people are familiar with. People and companies use this site as a platform to sell their products to potential consumers. The reviews found on this site can help people decide whether they should buy it or not. People reviewed the new 2014 M9 series. The majority of people were ecstatic about the fact how their family’s water consumption increased, they felt more energetic, and how they knew that investing their money in a life ionizer was the best choice. Here’s what two recent Life Ionizer reviews said:

Diane feels energized: “I purchased an M9 UC through […] (didn’t know Amazon even carried this!) and this REALLY works!!! Both my husband and I are recently retired and this has given us more energy and stamina. I HIGHLY recommend this.”

David likes how his water tastes now:  “I’ve had my M9 ionizer for a few months now and couldn’t be more pleased. We drink so much more water now that we know we’re getting the best. The ionizer fits nicely under the sink, and the faucet design is sleek and simple to understand.”

LIFE Ionizer reviews on Yelp

Life Ionizer has been a local favorite for years, many of the reviews on Yelp are from return Life Ionizer customers that traded in their old unit for one of the new LIFE Ionizer M-Series:

Steven’s uncle has owned a LIFE Ionizer for 8 years: “I paid $3100 for a fridge and I received a one year warranty.  Then I buy this great life ionizer M9 Series and it comes with a free lifetime warranty.  On parts AND labor.  My uncle has had a Life ionizer for 8 years and has only had to replace the filters which are priced pretty reasonably.”

Dru D traded up when he heard about the new M-Series: “I purchased the 7700 series Life Ionizer about 2 years ago and have been extremely satisfied.

Recently when I was purchasing new filters I learned about their brand new M-Series Next Generation systems, with state of the art technologies. I wanted to upgrade to a sophisticated appearance in my kitchen and had been contemplating an Under Counter unit. I was told if I spoke with a sales person I could trade in my old system on a new upgrade. I was pleased to trade my old 7700 in and get extremely cheap dealer pricing on an Upgraded M9 Under Counter Next Generation. I am elated”

Reseller Reviews

Another great source of real customer reviews is Reseller Reviews. Two new Life Ionizer owners reviewed their M-Series water ionizers and the customer service they received from LIFE Ionizers – and they’ve very pleased:

Mark S. said: “I purchased the Life M9 under-counter water ionizer three weeks ago and my family and I love it!! My family and I are currently drinking the Level 2 ionized water and we are already feeling the benefits.  My wife says that she does not feel as tired anymore, and I can definitely see the results in my workouts.

Mike and his wife like the Pitcher of LIFE: “Myself and my wife started out with the Pitcher of Life. We were doing so well with it we purchased one for my mother-in-law and my daughter in college, and they have since had great results as well. My sister has had kidney trouble so we recently purchased one for her also. Thank you for making a great product that keeps on giving…a healthier life!


Another place you can find real Life Ionizer reviews – from real people – is on Trustpilot. This site has the most reviews of the new Life Ionizers M-Series of all the sites listed in this article. Nearly all of the reviews are 5 star reviews. The only 2 star review came from a customer that didn’t like how the hoses from their ionizer to the sink looked. LIFE Ionizer responded immediately by providing the customer with a kit and detailed technical assistance to correct the look of the hoses to the customer’s satisfaction.

Gibbs liked the fact that LIFE Ionizers was the only ionizer company to be honest with him about the health benefits of alkaline water: “You know most of the water ionizer companies I spoke to seemed to promise everything in the world out of these water ionizers. I really respect that you remind customers that you are not doctors and not allowed to give out health advice, but I’ll say, I do feel so much better now. The water is actually better than the Kangen water my friend was giving me and now that I have your machine, my friend is no longer constantly trying to have me buy a machine that costs twice what mine did.”

Kim decided to check out LIFE Ionizers after seeing the video 10 Reasons to Drink Alkaline Water: “I want to thank you for this great life water system. I have heard about these for years and when I watched the youtube video on the 10 benefits of drinking alkaline water, I was sold. It has been only 13 days since I started drinking the water but it is amazing.”

Darol estimates that his Life Ionizer is saving him $300 a month: “Life Ionizers have been my only source of drinking water for over four years. It has provided me and my family with the best tasting water we have ever had. Even if you don’t happen to believe in the benefits of drinking alkaline water the taste of the water has resulted in my family saving approximately $300. per month.”

Alkaline Water Ionizer Reviews has been been testing water ionizers and guiding consumers to make an informative choice for many years.  We were one of the first review sites to review the 2014 Next Generation M-Series.

In our review, we found that the plates are significantly larger, the M-Series has new ionization chambers, increased power, and easier to read LCD screens. The new M-Series might be the most powerful water ionizers ever for home use.

Due to the larger plates and increased power, the M-series is able to produce alkaline water with an increased pH and negative antioxidants. In their conclusion, they stated that the pH level could be adjusted to 11.5 and the antioxidant level could be adjusted to -800.

Clearwater Networks

Clearwater Networks is one of a few water ionizer review sites that have noticed that Life Ionizer reviews you find on the web are of old, out-of-production LIFE Ionizer models.  They bring up a valid question: Why are there almost no reviews of LIFE’s current line, the Next Generation M-Series to be found on the web?

Clearwater Network’s main focus is to write and present information on water ionizers in a non-biased manner. The site posted reviews from a consumers who’ve traded up to an M Series LIFE Ionizer from their older models.  These reviews commended life ionizer for putting out a more reliable, faster, and a superior water ionizer machine. All of the reviewers noted that there is a big difference between older LIFE models and the current M-Series ionizers. The reviewers appreciated the new improvements in the M-Series and liked the fact that these machines are able to produce stronger ionized water.

Watch out for LIFE Ionizer scam reviews

Watch out for reviews that don’t include the LIFE Ionizer M-Series water ionizers. there just aren’t many real Life Ionizer reviews out there. Nearly all of the reviews you see are ionizer companies comparing their new products to older Life Ionizer models. The reviews you find about the new, Life Ionizer M-Series are generally positive, and the people who bought their ionizers were satisfied with their purchase.

Remember: If the review you’re reading doesn’t talk about Life’s M-Series water ionizers, it’s out of date or a fraud.