Life Ionizer M7 UC

Mid-range price, high-end performance
The NEW 2013 M7 Life Ionizer is the most powerful 7 plate ionizer on the market today.
Thanks to our newly-designed chambers and 7 Platinum/Titanium plates the M7 provides better ORP levels at drinkable alkaline pH levels than any mid-range priced ionizer on the market today.
Plus our 60 Day peace-of-mind Money Back Guarantee
Dual internal filtration including a Free water report and customized pre-filter provides you the purest healthiest water in the world using LIFE exclusive Vitamin C Ceramic Block filter technology (patent pending) to filter chlorine and chloramines!

The M7’s titanium plates have a 300% thicker coating of Platinum than competing ionizers, which extends the life of the plates.

Life ionizers is the only company that offers UV Light Technology to protect you from bacteria viruses, cysts!
LIFE’s SMPS Power System has loads of power so creates great alkaline mineral hydrate water that has high negative ORP. SMPS powers supplies run cooler, last longer.
Benefit: allows Life to offer you a lifetime warranty on parts and 10 years on parts! Plus our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!*
LIFE Ionizers makes the only counter top water ionizers that convert to under counter systems with our optional real stainless steel faucet.

Convenience: Buy a countertop unit now, and upgrade to under the counter at any time!

Why the M-7 is the best 7 plate water ionizer money can buy
You get more optimized levels of alkaline mineral hydrate water with a stronger -ORP (oxygen reduction potential)
Health Benefit: You need alkaline minerals every day for better health
LIFE’s M7 sets the standard in quality and performance for value-priced water ionizers. LIFE exclusive advanced technology guarantees your M7 will supply you with years of the highest quality ionized alkaline mineral water.
You can add a faucet to the counter top M7 any time you like to convert it to under the counter convenience!

And our Peace of Mind 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. FREE shipping and over $539 in Free Bonuses!

This counter top ionizer has the option of a faucet to make it an under counter ionizer and includes controls directly mounted on the faucet!