7-Hisha Water Ionizer Counter Top Only

$1,697.00 (Regular Price $1,997.00)

h1Ionizers not only purify water, but also improve other important parameters: pH, Oxidation-Reduction Potential, water purity and taste.

  • Patented electrolysis cell design: This unit has seven (7) plates that produce pH up to 10.6 and ORP up to -480 mV*
  • 99.99% purity platinum titanium plates. Low quality plates develop holes and fray after several years of use. These ionizers also have overall high quality materials and assembly.
  • Ability to adjust for source water pH. It’s crucial to produce accurate outlet pH and ORP.
  • Premium quality filters.
  • Automatic cleaning: after every use and several liters. Prevents sale build up on plates, overheating, guarantees stable performance, extends life of electrolysis cell. Ability to adjust frequency from every 1 to 50 liters.
  • SMPS power supply. Smaller, lighter, more power output, doesn’t overheat like transformer.

7-Hisha Water Ionizer

  • The slotted design of the SEVEN PLATINUM COATED TITANIUM PLATES ensures that electricity flows over entire surface to provide stable values pH and ORP
  • HIGH EFFICIENCY AND GREAT PERFORMANCE Preset alkaline water levels; Ceramic valve allows the option of a lower water flow rate without needing a booster pump; Automatic cleaning cycle after each use for ultimate convenience and safety; Filter Life indicator and alert
  • HIGH pH and LOW ORP patented slotted design electrolysis surface area of 238 sq inches allows stable ORP and pH levels and power efficiency; 78 currents precisely adjust alkaline water machine to ORP and pH of local tap water to produce high quality alkaline water
  • EXTREMELY DURABLE AND EASY TO USE Fully automated pH adjustment; Automated self cleaning after each use; SMPS technology allows less power and low heating; Stainless steel divert valve for extreme durability

pH levels
Alkaline 4: pH 10.6
Alkaline 3: pH 9.4
Alkaline 2: pH 8.9
Alkaline 1: pH 8.4
Acidic 1: pH 5.5
Acidic 2: pH 5.0

  • No. of filters – 1
  • Filter 1 capacity – 3,500 liters (6 months)
  • Water temp – room temp
  • Display – filter life indicator
  • Faucet – Non-flexible
  • Valve – Ceramic valve (more reliable, ability to work with lower water flow rate without booster pump)
  • Size (W x H x D cm) – 22 x 32 x 10
  • Gross Weight 5 kg
  • Warranty – 3 year warranty parts and labor


Alkaline Water: pH 8.5 – 10.0

Water must contain minerals to have health benefits. Alkaline water contains 30% minerals than the source water from which it is made.

Alkaline water is a powerful antioxidant. Oxidation continuously happens in our bodies and produces free radicals which damage cells. Alkaline water reduces oxidation and stoops those destructive processes.

The amount of hydrogen in water determines pH level. More hydrogen means higher pH and bigger health benefits.

Human body normal pH is about 7.4, but our diet is mostly acidic which lowers our body pH and leads to various diseases. Drinking alkaline water helps to restore body pH level and protect our health.