Alkazone® BHL-3100

The Alkazone® BHL-3100 is a slightly upgraded version of the BHL-2100. The only main difference between the two machines is that the 3100 contains 1 more electrode giving it a total of 5. Besides this, these machines are identical.
The single internal filter on this machine doesn’t last as long as we expected (approx. 4 months) and at $85 it is the most expensive filter we have ever seen! The plates inside the BHL-3100 are also a thin, spray-coating of platinum which suggests that they won’t last very long.

Performance wise the pH and -ORP were within acceptable ranges however what really turned us off was the white plastic finish. It has the feel of a cheap product that shows no signs of innovation and only pure imitation of other higher quality machines. The Alkazone® BHL-3100 also only comes with a 2 year Warranty, a sign to us that the machine is not designed to last.