2016 Alkaline Water Machine Reviews

The new 2016 model water ionizers are here! Our 2016 alkaline water machine reviews uncovered some big news: Everyone is abuzz about the new GRID Plate Technology with MAX Coat™ – 8 layers of Platinum over Industrial Titanium that are now being offered in 2016 LIFE Ionizers. GRID Plate Technology has been used in commercial and industrial water ionizers for years because they have superior performance and last a lot longer than regular ionizer plates, expect to see these new heavy duty plates – along with lifetime warranties – offered in high end LIFE Ionizers in 2016.

It’s not surprising that LIFE is the first manufacturer to market GRID plates, after all LIFE Ionizers invented them. LIFE Ionizers is the only water ionizer company in the US that offers commercial and industrial water ionizers. These heavy duty machines are used in alkaline water bottling plants and other industrial ionized water applications.

LIFE: More plates PLUS more power

LIFE Ionizers, is now offering a 13 plate model. The advantage of 11 and 13 plate alkaline water machines is that they have higher flow rates and give better pH and ORP levels. Of course, those extra plates need extra power.  Life Ionizers Advance MAX SMPS Power System provides the power needed to energize those large MAX Plates.

Enagic: New Machine with one more plate

Enagic – makers of the Kangen Water machine – now offers an eight plate model, which they call the Kangen K8. Strangely, Enagic didn’t provide any additional power to those plates, so you still need chemicals to reach higher pH and ORP levels, just like with the standard Leveluk model.

New water ionizer brands for 2016

AlkaFresh, a discount brand, now offers seven and nine plate ionizers at steeply discounted prices. What’s exciting about AlkaFresh is that it is backed by a major label brand, so you get tested and proven technology for a lot less than you’d normally pay. Initial customer satisfaction surveys on AlkaFresh indicate that it is now the highest ranked discount water ionizer brand. If you’re on a budget, you owe it to yourself to check out AlkaFresh, these alkaline water machines have a lot to offer at surprisingly low prices

On the other end of the spectrum is a little known brand called Nexus Smart. We’re not even sure where these ionizers are made, and apparently customers are complaining about not being able to get replacement filters or warranty service. We recommend making a smart choice and passing on the Nexus Smart.

Low Cost Alkalizer makes healthy water

Also new for 2016 from LIFE Ionizers is the LIFE Alkalizer. The alkalizer isn’t a water ionizer, what it does is triple-filter water, and raise its pH by adding a healthy mix of alkaline minerals to it. The LIFE Alkalizer is a great option for people that want to maintain their good health by drinking alkaline mineral water. Alkalizers do create an antioxidant potential in the water but fall far short of what a water ionizer does, they’re meant for maintaining good health rather than overcoming health challenges. But they’re a great choice if you’re on a tight budget, the LIFE Alkalizer is an economical way to get alkaline water in your home.

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